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EU countries have relocated just 117 asylum seekers out of 8,000 pledges 

The EU-wide relocation system launched in June and touted as a major step forward in the reform of migration policy has so far resulted in 117 asylum seekers being transferred across the bloc – out of an annual target that envisions 8,000 pledges.

“We’re working very closely with all member states to ensure that we have in place a common solution,” a European Commission spokesperson said on Monday while announcing the numbers.

“I know this number doesn’t seem like a lot but we need to keep in mind that we have 8,000 pledges as such.”

The low figures come as asylum applications reach highs not seen since the 2015 migration crisis. August alone saw 84,500 requests lodged, with Afghans and Syrians leading the count.

The gradual rise in border crossings is fuelling tensions between EU countries, who continue to disagree on a common migration policy to manage new arrivals.