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US officials: Ukraine lost 100,000 forces

More than 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers, including the most experienced, have been killed during military operations in a year,  Politico  newspaper  reported  , citing US officials. 

With the onset of spring, the United States is increasingly concerned about the reduction of experienced soldiers in the Ukrainian armed forces, as well as the stockpiles of ammunition and anti-aircraft equipment. The US is also preparing Ukrainian forces for a spring offensive.

According to  Politico,  the Ukrainian armed forces suffered the heaviest casualties in the fighting in Artemowsk (Ukrainian: Bakhmut). The newspaper noted that the Russian army had also suffered heavy losses in the city. 

Behind closed doors, the US is urging Ukraine to conserve ammunition and bomb more accurately, particularly in Artemovsk, the newspaper’s sources said. 

The newspaper wrote that fighting in the city will quickly exhaust the ammunition of Ukraine and Russia.

Source: el