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Ukraine downs armed Chinese drone

Chinese  drone  for civilian use, but adapted and armed for war , was shot down by the army of Kiev in eastern Ukraine in the night between last Friday and Saturday. This was announced by CNN , which was able to view the wreckage of the A-47 unmanned aircraft hit by automatic weapons. The drone was a Mugin-5 , a commercial UAV made by a Chinese manufacturer based in the port city of Xiamen on China’s east coast. Some tech bloggers say the machines are known as “ Alibaba dronesas they were available for sale at a price tag of around $15,000 on Chinese market websites including Alibaba and Taobao. Mugin Limited confirmed to CNN that it was their product, calling the incident “deeply unfortunate.” It is the latest example of a civilian drone that has been adapted and weaponized since the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Meanwhile, again according to CNN reports , the Russians have reached the site of the accident between the Russian jet and the US MQ-9 drone in the Black Sea . The Russian Navy has several vessels in the Black Sea, including units based in Crimean ports, which has put them in an advantageous position to attempt to recover the American drone after colliding with Russian fighters. The drone crashed in international waters about 70 miles southwest of Crimea, one of the officials said. It is unclear whether Russia has been able to recover the wreckage of the drone.

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby did not confirm that the Russians were at the scene. He reiterated however that the United States has taken steps to make it “impossible” for Russia to acquire useful intelligence from the remains of the drone. “Whatever’s left of what’s floating will likely be flight control surfaces,” he told CNN. hands”.  

Source: liberoquotidiano