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Planning a Trip to Europe? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Must Think Twice before You Begin Your Journey

Europe has always been a dreamy destination for everyone. Right from the pristine views of the lakes to tranquil sites, Europe has it all. However, one must think twice before travelling to Europe this summer. Europe is going through a lot – starting right from the covid-19 pandemic to the ongoing Russia and Ukraine war. Nature too is not at its best. With heatwaves and wildfires pulling Europe apart, it is better to stay out of Europe for the time being.

  • Heatwaves And Wildfires Are Becoming More Common

As per media reports, the UK has announced its first-ever red warning for extreme heat. NASA reports that in June and July, the temperature has increased to 104 degrees Fahrenheit in regions like Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. There is various news of different regions creating new records of heat. Due to this, several regions of Europe have also faced the brunt of nature’s wrath. Leiria Town in Portugal faced 113 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). This led to wildfires in different regions like France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. As per media reports, Italy faced the collapse of a glacier which was caused due to warm temperatures.

In London, the runway at Luton airport melted due to which, several flights were rescheduled. Even the doctors have cancelled surgeries because of overheated operating rooms. In France, people from Gironde in Southwest France were rescued due to the burning region. Paris and Cazaux have faced an equal amount of increase in degrees too. From Spain and Portugal, several have been rescued and places evacuated due to the increase in heatwaves.

Source : Outlook India