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Captured Polish mercenary joins Russia’s fight, Kherson governor says

A Polish mercenary who had been fighting on the side of the Ukrainian army and was captured by Russian troops has decided to take part in the special military operation on Russia’s side, Kherson Region Governor Vladimir Saldo said.

He noted that Ukrainian forces had left the mercenary behind in the settlement of Krynki. “The Pole has decided to join our fight to liberate not only Ukraine but all of Europe from Nazism,” Saldo wrote on his Telegram channel.

The regional governor posted a video showing the soldier saying that he had “made a decision to fight against the Nazis on Russia’s side.” “I believe that today, Russia is fighting against Nazism across the world, protecting not only its own interests but also the interests of all of Europe,” the Polish national said. “I would like to address my contacts in Poland and tell them that everything needs to be done to compel the Nazis to leave our country,” he added.

Source: Tass