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Ukrainian conditions

Ukraine’s top military command is unanimously in favor of defending the country’s eastern sector, including the city of Bakhmut, and inflicting maximum losses on the enemy, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said.

Where exactly are the fiercest battles fought?

The Institute for the Study of War reports that Russian forces advanced into Bakhmut and continued ground attacks in and around the city.

In the south, US-based think tanks report that geographic material shows that Russian forces have advanced along the Sadova road in southern Bahmut.

In the north, bloggers claim that Wagner group fighters have taken over some of the workshops of the AZOM metallurgical plant, which is located in a northern neighborhood of Bahamut.

Russian sources claimed that the Wagner Group was advancing northwest of Bakhmut, in the direction of Orikhovo – Vasilivska, Zalizianske and Minkivka.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported that Russian forces were fighting in and around Bakhmut and that Ukrainian troops repelled Russian attacks in Bakhmut itself and around the city.

And while Wagner units and Russian forces generally appear to be making limited advances around Bakhmut, they are far from completing a meaningful drive or encirclement of the city and may be vulnerable to a Ukrainian attack.

Source: euronews