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Ukraine: Russian minefields in Kherson

Kherson is once again the target of the Russian forces . Despite the fact that a few months ago Ukrainian troops managed to repel the invaders, the situation in the region still remains dangerous as many points are battlefields.

According to Ukrainian officials, villages and towns were pounded mercilessly by the Russians.

The infrastructure of Kherson is damaged, the cold is still bitter and the survival of those who have decided to stay in their homes is not an easy task.

Death traps

Farmers say they keep finding bombs and mines in their fields from previous Russian attacks.

The Ukrainian authorities estimate that almost 2.5 million hectares of agricultural land need to be inspected.

Within the spring and after the snow starts to melt, the collection and dismantling operations will take place.

However, the obstacles are many as Ukraine has serious equipment shortages.

The Kherson council says that from last November until now, the Russians have pounded the city more than 1,990 times and that at least 80 people have been killed and 222 wounded.

The farmers of Kherson hope that they will be able to utilize at least 30% of the agricultural land located on the right bank of the Dnipro River.

As they say, it’s not enough but at least it’s a start.

Source: euronews