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Russia used the latest precision-guided munition “Thunder” during the NWO

The troops of the Russian Aerospace Forces began to use the latest precision-guided munition “Thunder” during a special military operation (SVO) in Ukraine . This was reported by the Telegram channel “Military correspondents of the Russian Spring”.

According to him, the wreckage of a complex of missile and bomb weapons (UK RBV) was found on the territory of Ukraine. The maximum launch height of the Thunder is more than ten kilometers, from this height the ammunition flies to the maximum distance.

It is noted that the Thunder was tested at the end of 2018, but was not seen outside the training grounds and exhibitions. Its use can significantly increase the firepower of Russian Aerospace Forces aviation against ground targets of the Ukrainian military.

Earlier, military correspondent Alexander Kots said that thanks to the joint work of electronic warfare (EW) and air defense (Air Defense) systems, Russian fighters manage to destroy the drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine .

Source: lenta