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France Slams North Korea’s Attempt to Launch Military Satellite

North Korea’s attempt to launch a military satellite was slammed by France on Thursday.

According to a statement by the French Foreign Ministry, the launch attempt violates UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions, which prohibit North Korea from carrying out ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear weapons.

“The close proximity of the technologies used for space and ballistic launches directly contributes to North Korea’s already worrying progress in its ballistic missile program,” it said.

Paris asked Pyongyang to comply with its international obligations and abandon its nuclear and missile programs entirely.

North Korea conducted the second launch of a military reconnaissance satellite on Thursday. According to state media, the launch failed due to an error in the rocket’s “emergency blasting system” during the third stage of flight.

North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration said it would conduct a third reconnaissance satellite launch in October.​​​​​​​

Source : AA