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Russia says EU ban on sanctioned goods transit to Kaliningrad ‘not resolved’

The Kremlin said on Wednesday it was expecting progress over a possible European Union deal to allow Russia to transit some sanctioned goods to its Kaliningrad exclave via the EU, but the problem had not been resolved.

Lithuania blocked Russia from sending some goods, including ferrous metals, which have fallen under EU sanctions across its territory in June, triggering outrage in Moscow and promises of a response.

Despite Russian warnings of retaliation, Vilnius on Monday expanded the list of goods covered by the ban to include concrete, wood and alcohol.

“There is no finalisation of this situation yet. We expect some progress, but we cannot say that the problem has been removed,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday in response to reports a deal between the EU and Russia could be in reach to allow some cargo shipments to resume.

The governor of the Kaliningrad region said up to half of all goods transit between the Russian mainland and the exclave would be affected by the ban, while Lithuania’s rail operator estimates around 15% of cargo by volume would be affected.

Source : Reuters