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Love Island’s Tasha branded ‘cute’ following sweet gesture to girls

Love Island‘s Tasha Ghouri had fans of the show swooning after she offered roses to each of her fellow Island girls in the vila.

The 23 year old dancer from Yorkshire surprised her friends as she offered each of them a rose which she took from her date with Andrew Le Page, 28, after the pair shared dinner in a Kardashian-inspired 3D heart made up of roses.

People were quick to take to Twitter to comment on the sweet gesture, with one person writing: “Tasha bringing back the girls roses was the CUTEST thing. she really is the sweetest”.

Another person said: “The vilification of Tasha by the boys (mainly) was so real. Girl brought roses back for her friends. It’s the little things. I’m glad they made it through to the other side. Oy Oy!”

Yet another person tweeted: “Tasha was actually cute for bringing all the girls roses back from her date like she didn’t need to do that at all but she did, bless her,” while a fourth added: “Why did tasha bringing back roses for the girls make me cry”.

Viewers of Friday 29 July night’s episode of Love Island saw Luca Bish, 23, and Gemma Owen, 19, as well as Andrew and Tasha go on their final dates.

Luca and Gemma enjoyed dinner as they got serenaded by a six-piece band, and Tasha and Andrew declared their love amongst hundreds of roses.

Tasha and Andrew couldn’t help but declare their feelings for one another, with Andrew saying: “That’s actually insane!”

Tasha said: “Stop it, no way!”

Andrew laughed: “Well, you wanted a lot of roses!”

As they reminisced, Andrew said: “I literally adore you.”

Tasha added: “I never thought I’d ask a guy to be my boyfriend.

“I felt it had to be me to do it, to prove to you, to show you, I’m willing to do this, I’m ready to be 100 per cent for you and all for you. That shows to me how it should be.”

Andrew added of one of his favourite moments together: “When you told me about your superpower. You’re incredibly brave and that’s a quality that I love about you. I want to be there for you no matter what, support you. I got you. I got you babe.”

Tasha said: “All I ever wanted was a guy to just love me for me, the fact that you are like that, just makes me feel so lucky to have you.”

Andrew replied: “I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot, you know that.”

Source : OK!