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Stefaniada: the Hidden Paradise of the Newest Natural Lake in Greece

If Greece is famous for something, it is its natural beauty and the fact that one can find locations easily confused with a painting or a product of artificial intelligence from one end to the other. It has such a rich natural landscape that is constantly renewed. No one can predict what will be the next canvas and what will be the next creation of nature.

The special story of Stefaniada

Lake Stefaniada

Lake Stefaniada is the youngest natural lake in Greece since it was created in 1963. At the beginning of that year, the Stoichio slope broke away from the Sminiko mountain, falling into the Stefaniotis River, one of the most rapid tributaries of Acheloos.

Naturally, the entire surrounding area underwent several geological changes, while no nearby settlement was adversely affected.

These changes resulted in the creation of a basin that slowly filled with water. The lake has a surface area of ​​only 175 acres, and its level goes up and down depending on the rainfall.

For kayaking on the lake

Lake Stefaniada

When the weather is good, the view of the lake’s crystal clear waters is mesmerising. The lake is worth an amazing water kayaking trip in its calm turquoise waters. The route starts from the lake’s northeast side, is circular and ends again at the same point. You will move along the shore and enjoy the wonderful natural environment.

At (Tel. 6977 663453), you can book a total walk in the area (duration 3.5 hours), which makes its first stop at the Bonsai of Argithea, a holly tree that has grown on a large rock and is located in the waters of Petriliotis river.

The next stop is at the single-arch bridge over the river. Then, the kayak ride begins where, among other things, you will stop at the sources of the lake, where we walk along the banks of the Stefaniotis River to observe the submerged trees in the water. Excursions take place all year round.

How to get there

Lake Stefaniada

Lake Stefaniada is 33 kilometres south of Argithea and 73 kilometres west of Karditsa. It is 377 kilometres from Athens and 280 kilometres from Thessaloniki.

Since the slopes surrounding it are particularly steep, the easiest way to descend to its banks is via a path on its southern side. The route passes through the beautiful villages of Argithea, and you should take advantage of the opportunity to visit the monasteries of Kostis and Spilias.

Source : Greek City Times