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Kuleba doubts Ukraine will receive Western troops soon

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba believes that Ukraine will not receive fighter jets from the West in the near future .

He said this in an interview with Bild.

“I do not expect that the delivery of fighters will take place in the near future, because this is a very difficult task in terms of logistics and technology. Therefore, we advise you to start training Ukrainian pilots on Western aircraft now, so that when the decision is made to provide aircraft, spend time and many months on training,” Kuleba said.

Recall that  the White House is not considering the supply of F-16 fighters to Ukraine .

It was also reported that  the US Congress believes that sending F-16 fighters to Ukraine would be an unreasonable use of resources.

In addition, it was reported  why Britain is against sending Typhoon fighters to Ukraine at this stage.

Source: strana