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EU Launches Culture Moves Europe Programme and First Call for Individual Mobility 

On 10 October, the European Commission launched Culture Moves Europe, its new permanent mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals, as well as a first call for individual mobility. 

Benefiting from a total budget of €21 million under the Creative Europe programme for a three-year-period (2022-2025), Culture Moves Europe becomes the largest European mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals, targeting all Creative Europe countries (including Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine) and sectors covered by the Culture Strand of the programme.

Implemented by the Goethe-Institut, on behalf of the Commission, Culture Moves Europe comprises two actions: individual mobility and residencies. Through mobility grants, it will offer an opportunity to around 7,000 individual artists and cultural professionals to go abroad, in the EU and beyond. From early 2023, they also will be able to take part in artistic residencies or host artists and cultural professionals. 

The first call for individual mobility targets artists and cultural professionals working in architecture, cultural heritage, design, fashion design, literary translation, music, visual arts and performing arts.

Individual mobility action will operate on a basis of the rolling calls open every year from autumn to spring, with monthly evaluations.

Culture Moves Europe’s Mobility Grant includes: standard travel costs (€350 round trip up to 5,000 km and €700 round trip for distances longer than 5,001 km) and €75 per diem to contribute to the subsistence and accommodation expenses.

Additionally, several top-ups are foreseen, including a visa purchase and family top-up for artists who have a child younger than 10 years old. Ukrainian artists, who may not be able to leave the country, could apply directly for virtual mobility. In that case, they would receive €35 per diem.

Source : EU Neighbours East