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Destination Ultra Europe 2023: The Unique Musical Journey in Croatia

Announcing the ultimate of packages, Ultra Europe have just introduced Ultra Destination 2023. A 7-day immersive concept, attendees will be able to explore the beautiful and scenic Croatia, whilst also enjoying music courtesy of the biggest acts within our scene.

Returning for its 9th edition this coming July, Ultra Europe has become a synonym with the phrase – “experience of a lifetime” – and rightly so, if we must say. Taking place over three days in the scenic Croatia, the Balkan country could not be any more fitting to host a festival of such scale, with the city of Split gaining all the praise during those three days of pure madness and euphoria. Looking to elevate the experience as a whole, organisers have just announced a brand new initiative, where attendees will have the opportunity of witnessing Croatia in a wider spectrum, as this year Ultra Europe, proudly presents Destination Ultra 2023.

Club 585 by Rudgr

Image Credit: / Courtesy of Ultra Europe

Promoted as “the unique musical journey in Croatia,” Destination Ultra arrives as a concept that is hard to resist, as the package includes seven days of fun-filled activities that directly correlate to the history of the host nation, its breathtaking landscapes and ever-so dreamy island resources, and even more significantly, all organised around electronic music and everything that it has to offer. Following Ultra Europe that commences during the weekend of 7,8 and 9 of July, and where we must add that a stellar lineup is already on the cards, party-goers will then continue their journey once the festival has come to a close, with the first destination being no other than the island of Brac, host to the Regatta Party at the 585 Club, with this extraordinary musical event taking place on the 10th of July.

Hvar Croatia

Image Credit: Julien Duval / Courtesy of Ultra Europe

Destination Ultra then continues with the ever-so popular ULTRA Beach on the 11th of July, an event that boasts an immersive lineup and takes place at the Carpe Diem beach club on the island of Hvar, before the closing out the night at the same location but with a whole different vibe, as RESISTANCE HVAR takes over and offers a night of deep base and summer breezes. Bringing Destination Ultra to a close in the most spectacular of fashions, RESISTANCE VIS will take place on the 12th of July, with all attendees making their way to the exclusive Mediterranean Fort George Vis, and party the day away as the sunset occurs right before their eyes.

Destination Ultra 2023

Image Credit: Julien Duval / Courtesy of Ultra Europe

The ultimate of experiences in our eyes, Ultra Europe are combining music and the rich cultural history of Croatia in the most immersive and innovative of fashions, and of course we are all for it. Playing also a pivotal role in the promotion of their country, as well as the Ultra Destination concept as whole, the Croatian Tourist Board advocated the initiative as high profile partners, with Kristjan Staničić, the Director of the Croatian National Tourist Board, stating the following;

“This year, the Croatian National Tourist Board is once again a proud partner of one of the largest and most famous music festivals in the world, which has positioned Split, but also Croatia as a whole, as a must-see destination among young lovers of travel and good music. This confirms the status of Ultra as the best festival in the world, and I am happy that this year we will host numerous visitors from over 140 countries. It is a great opportunity for the additional promotion of our country, which, in addition to numerous visitors, will also host the world’s top EDM DJs.”

A package that costs 349€, Destination Ultra will tempt even the toughest of crowds, so do not waste any more time and purchase your 7-day Destination Ultra ticket here. As tempting as it may be as whole experience, tickets for each of the featured events can also be purchased separately on Ultra Europe’s official website, and with a lineup of headliners that includes Martin GarrixHardwellTimmy TrumpetCharlotte De WitteCarl CoxBoris BrejchaAfrojack and Adam Beyer, you can now purchase tickets for Ultra Europe here. Will you be joining? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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