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Rivian electric delivery vans begin rolling out in Europe with a unique design for city travel

Rivian electric delivery vans (EDVs), used by e-commerce giant Amazon have arrived in Europe. The first Rivian EDVs will roll out across Germany, with over 300 ready to hit the streets of Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf in the coming weeks.

The Rivian-Amazon partnership dates back to 2019, with the e-commerce giant investing $700 million in the young EV maker.

Several months later, Amazon agreed to purchase over 100,000 EDVs from the EV maker, rolling them out by the end of the decade as part of the Amazon co-founded Climate Pledge environmental commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040.

A year later, Amazon unveiled its Rivian-built electric delivery van with a clean, modern design inside and out.

Rivian’s vans are designed from the ground up, prioritizing safety, sustainability, and comfort for drivers.

The first electric vans began making deliveries across the Los Angeles area in February 2021, expanding to over 100 US cities and over 1,000 EDVs delivering packages during last year’s holiday season.

Rivian electric delivery vans reach Europe

According to Rivian’s latest update, the first electric delivery vans arrived in Europe this week.

Amazon and Rivian designed the EDVs to better fit in Europe’s cities with a shorter, thinner van than the US version.

Dagan Mishoulam, vice president of Strategy & Go To Market for Rivian, commented on the milestone, saying:

We’re thrilled to see the EDV rolling out in Germany today. This vehicle was designed in conjunction with our partners at Amazon and not only puts driver convenience and safety first, but also the environment. We’ve had incredible feedback from drivers in the US and we’re excited to start international expansion in Germany. Today is a real milestone for us as it also marks the first Rivian vehicles in Europe and we’re very excited about our future in the region

The first 300 EDVs will first hit the streets of Germany, followed by Munich, Berlin, and Dusseldorf. Amazon says the fleet will join thousands of electric vans already in operation across Europe, including more than 1,000 in Germany alone.

Amazon now has over 3,000 Rivian EDVs delivering packages in over 500 US cities and regions. The e-commerce says hitting its goal of having 100,000 electric delivery vans on the road globally will help save millions of metric tons of carbon per year.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Rivian beat expectations delivering 12,640 EVs and producing 13,992 units during the second quarter of 2023, putting it on track to reach its 50K annual production goal.

Source: Electrek