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Europe weather hell: Travel expert outlines which tourists may be eligible for refunds

A travel expert has outlined which tourists could be eligible for refunds amid scorching temperatures across the continent.

Much of Europe has been left facing uncomfortably warm weather conditions, with the Cerberus heatwave wreaking havoc for holidaymakers.

Weather experts have warned mercury could hit 45C in south-eastern areas of the Iberian Peninsula.

As many as 10 cities in Italy have also been put on high heat alerts for older people.

Bolzano, Bologna, Florence and Rome have all been identified as areas impacted by the alert.

Travel experts Sally Gethin joined GB News earlier today to discuss how British tourists could look to take advantage of the situation.

She said: “It’s totally crushing heat for people and people are wondering now ‘where do I stand with my travel’.

“If you, for example, can’t bear the thought of going into that baking heat then that is called disinclination to travel and actually can nullify your rights as a consumer.

“When you book your travel it is so important to read the fine print with everything, the terms and conditions, and check your travel insurance cover.

“But generally it isn’t designed to cover situations like this.”

Gethin added: “Most travel insurance will exclude that particular thing and obviously travel insurance companies wouldn’t be able to provide cover.”

She also suggested customers could try to use doctors notes to guarantee protection.

Gethin continued: “A lot of travel insurance states if you’ve got a pre-existing condition and you still choose to travel then that could nullify your travel insurance.

“But, I think, many airlines and travel agents will, to preserve their brand and as a goodwill gesture, accommodate that kind of situation so it is definitely worth trying.”

However, rebooking could remain an issue with airlines and tour-operating travel agents.

Additional costs could be bolted on to holidaymakers considering rebooking their visits.

The travel expert pinpointed northern Europe as potentially better for Britons hoping to avoid scorching temperatures.

But she also said eastern Europe can provide affordable deals with mercury sitting slightly milder than in the south of the continent.

Source: GBN News