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Google, Meta, Qualcomm Team Up to Push for Open Digital Ecosystems

Alphabet’s Google, Meta Platforms, Qualcomm and seven other tech companies on Wednesday teamed up to push for open digital ecosystems in response to new EU tech rules in a move that may also take the edge of possible future legislation.

Calling itself the Coalition for Open Digital Ecosystems (CODE), the group said it wants to promote more open platforms and systems to boost growth and innovation in Europe.

The group said it will work with academics, policymakers and companies on digital openness and how this can be achieved in Europe “through the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and in future EU regulatory framework developments”.

The DMA requires gatekeepers — tech giants that control access to their platforms — to allow third parties to inter-operate with the gatekeeper’s own services and allow their business users to promote their offer and conclude contracts with their customers outside the gatekeeper’s platform.

“We have had a number of conversations in the past few months about what ‘good’ looks like when it comes to digital ecosystems in Europe, what fosters innovation, and what will positively impact competitiveness. We think openness is the crucial element,” Lynx founder Stan Larroque said in a statement.

Other members of the group are Chinese smart devices maker Honor, China’s Lenovo, French augmented reality start-up Lynx, U.S. telecoms equipment maker Motorola, UK electronics maker Nothing, Norwegian tech company Opera and German messaging services provider Wire.

The Coalition said it aims to open up digital ecosystems through cross-industry collaboration and promote seamless connectivity and interoperable systems, among others.

Source : Zawya