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“Kiev and Moscow should not close the door to a political solution,” Kuleba tells the Chinese Foreign Minister

China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang had a telephone conversation today with Ukraine’s counterpart Dmytro Kuleba on the state of bilateral relations and the ongoing war in Ukraine. This was reported by a statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Regarding the conflict, Qin reiterated Beijing’s position, defined as “objective and fair”, the commitment to promote peace talks and the invitation to the international community to create favorable conditions for the talks. The Chinese minister also expressed concern about the risk of escalation and hoped that all the parties involved maintain calm, rationality and moderation and that we return “as soon as possible” to the path of dialogue for a political solution. The minister, in particular, expressed the hope that both Ukraine and Russia will keep alive hope in dialogue and “not close the door to a political solution”. The Beijing representative assured that China “will continue to play a constructive role” for the ceasefire,

Kuleba, the note reads, thanked China for having provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and appreciated the “sincerity” with which China, in the recently published position paper, has promoted the ceasefire and the end of the war. The Ukrainian minister hoped to keep communication between the respective countries open. As for the bilateral relations established 31 years ago, Qin said China is ready to work together to promote their development in a long-term perspective, especially highlighting the solid foundation and potential of practical cooperation. Kuleba also reaffirmed Ukraine’s commitment to relations in a long-term perspective and on the basis of mutual respect. Furthermore, he acknowledged that China is not only an important cooperative partner of Ukraine, but also “an indispensable key power in international affairs”. In this regard, the representative from Kiev congratulated the mediation role played by China between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Source: agenzianova