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Sri Lanka: War Crimes or Survival of a Nation?

After the failure in Afghanistan how the international community declares a new war on one of the poorest countries in Asia?

Geneva/ New Delhi. 9 November 2021. U.N. human rights boss Michelle Bachelet received a mandate on Tuesday to collect evidence of crimes during Sri Lanka’s long civil war, which ended in 2009 with the defeat of the separatist Tamil Tigers and an upsurge of civilian deaths.

This triggered in immediate condemnation by the Sri Lankan foreign minister calling the allegations “the usual method of pressurizing countries who do not tow the line with former colonial powers”, like the UK, the U.S. and Europe.

In an off record interview, a senior official in the administration said, “It is interesting that a body like the UN, the US and the EU lecture us about the conduct of a war against a terror organization that invented female suicide bombers, child soldiers and used civilians as human shields.”, he added, “Look around, Afghanistan was one colossal failure by the former colonial powers.”

“What have they brought Afghans, and us?”

“War, misery, and pressure politics that if we do not comply the all-powerful UN and the EU, the UK and its allies threatens sovereign nations, bullies democratically elected governments and eventually sell out by the so-called allies.”

He added many countries like to have positive relations with the UN and Europe but threatening the leadership that had liberated Sri Lanka from the yolk of Tamil tiger terror will unlikely achieve the results U.N. officials hope to achieve.

Sri Lankan officials are quick to add that the Europeans, the UK since Brexit and the U.S. provide very little economic benefits to the country.

“In our country, 2.8 million dollars can build lots of home, improve the roads, provide education for young girls, and keep boys from joining extremist groups.” another official added.

“In Sri Lanka, the Tamil, Muslims, Jews, Catholics and Buddhist’s are finally co-existing in peace next to each other”

“Why is the U.N. set on interfering in the internal affairs of a peaceful mission. If Afghanistan is a gauge, I think we give them [the UN] a pass.”

The government is aware of the sensitivities of Muslim minorities in the countries but the U.N report was skewed and has not considered our position what is a reality on the ground in Sri Lanka.

The rise of Islamic extremism after the Easter bombing is a real threat and security experts fear the collapse of U.S. and EU support for Afghanistan will see a return of Islam inspired terrorism in Sri Lanka.

“What can the UN Michelle Bachelet say to the victims of terrorism. The orphans of the Tamil tiger’s terror campaign?”, he added.

“Nothing, as she can say nothing to the victims of the Easter bombings.”